More About Our Club

We love to build stuff! Our meetings are every Thursday in Deschutes 100. On odd weeks we usually do a tutorial or host a guest speaker. On even weeks we do tech interview practice.

Upcoming Meetings:

  • Week 1: OSS and Github, by Cody Hatfield
  • Week 3: MVC, Modularization, and Intro to Flask, by Jeff Bayes
  • Week 5: React, State Machines, and more Modularization (?), by Nathan Pointer
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Nathan Pointer

Nathan is awesome, but he hasn't updated his bio yet. Oh no!

Jeff Bayes

Jeff is a senior in the UO CIS program. He has spent the last two summers interning at Azuqua in Seattle's Pioneer Square. He is a Dungeons and Dragons nerd, and enjoys lifting heavy objects.

Cody Hatfield

Cody is awesome, but he hasn't updated his bio yet. Oh no!

Hannah Ullen Smith

Hannah is awesome, but she hasn't updated her bio yet. Oh no!


The UO Dev Club exists to expose students to cutting-edge software development tools, teach industry best practices, and bring in outside speakers to broaden perspectives on the future of the software industry. Our goal is to ensure all of our members are equipped to succeed in their first job and beyond.

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